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Race Car Chassis Scaling

Race Car Set Up Grand Rapids, MI
Price: $139.95
Item Number: GHP-72
Manufacturer: Gear Headz Products
Manufacturer Part No: GHP-72
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We can offer chassis scaling for your race car, or track day car.  Experience with circle track and road race cars.  We use Longacre electronic scales, and can help fine tune your corner weights, for maximum on track performance.  Included in the base price is fully leveling out of the scales,  adding driver weight, and setting each corner weight, to your desired specs.  Two (2) hour maximum time frame.  Does not include relocating, or mounting of balast.  Set up sheet(s) will be provided, of the chassis settings.  Our shop is located in Grandville, MI, and we are close to Grattan, Gingerman, and Berlin race tracks.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Pay Pal.  Call us for further information, and to schedule a day and time at:  616-366-3973.

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