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Shots from the past and present...


The Early Gear Headz Years

First Podium Finish

Autographing The Hackett High School Parking Lot With The GTO

First Circle Burner-Helmet Hairdoo

Checker Cabs And Race Cars

Checker Test Track With Frank

With Frank, Hulio, And Our Taxi Tow Vehicle

With Jimmy, Butch, and Frank, In Florida
High Speed Runs In OH Always Meant A Boogie Records Pit Stop

On The Hook, With Banjo Music Playing In The Background

We Were Always Looking For More Horsepower!
Talking Cars With Former GM President  Ed Cole Was A Rare Treat
Filming Blue Collar At Checker-Being A Movie Gopher Was Pretty Cool Too.
Franks Big Roll Over

Tearin Up The Track

Staying Near The Front Is Never Easy
Been Upside Down In One Of These Too!

Dirt Trackin

Roll Your Own Days-4th Place Finish Upside Down

Ho Ho Ho!

Modified Racin-Yee Haaa!

F-2000 Car $Keerching $Keerching

Road Race Camaro

Better Lookin Cars Mean Less Trips To The Junk Yard

Our Gear Headz Friends And Family

Hulio Went On To Build The World's Fastest Taxicab

Frank Went On To Serve As Crew Chief For Some Big Name Drivers

Our Friend Jerry Callen, Out Front On The World's Fastest Indian

Junior Gives Bikes A Try

Last Of The Stockers, And The Next Generation Of Gear Headz

Family Tradition-Our Youngest Suffers A Radar Smack Down, One Week Into Driving. 
Clyde-Former Crew Chief For Senneker, & Benson, Jr.  One Amazing Fab Guy.
Our Neighbor And Fellow Racer Kim Heath Saw A Promising Career Cut Short By A Nasty Trip Into The Wall.
Tony LoBrettto The Flying Italian.  Shown Here With Jim Gilmore, Long Time Sponsor Of Raciing Legend  A.J. Foyt

 The Current Gear Headz Products House Car At Gingerman Raceway




Our In House GT-2 Road Race Car

Our In House GT-1 Road Race Car

Our In House Short Track Stock Car