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Gear Headz Products specializes in products for use in racing, high performance street, and other severe duty applications. All the products that we offer are designed for use in the most extreme conditions.

At Gear Headz we know it’s more than just the car, bike, or truck, it’s also about the lifestyle. You need to be surrounded by the best in accessories, that support your program. That’s why we offer a full range of products, developed to keep the shop, and home, up to full speed as well.

Our companies experience in the performance industry is based on years of participation in a variety of motor sports events, and some street related spin outs along the way. Like our customers, we are hands on with the vehicles that we own, and the products that we sell.

Our shop maintains a number of in house cars and motorcycles, for testing, and new product development. There is always a race car on hand, for the most severe development work. Beyond that, we consult with our customers across the country, to test and evaluate the products that we sell.

Gear Headz Products works to be involved in organized motorsport events, “on the track, or on the street”. Our goal is to support everyone who participates, as car owners, drivers, mechanics, and spectators.

We have taken the lessons learned track side, and applied them to our street vehicles. It’s a really great feeling to drive past those people on the sidewalk, and see them stop to admire your many hours of hard work. We know it’s not just a car or a bike, it’s a rolling personal statement, that rumbles out a story about who you are.

At Gear Headz Products, we remember the good ol days, when the beasts of Detroit ruled the streets. Back then it was all about cruising, drive ins, and rock n roll. The AM radio commercials screamed out a constant reminder of those Saturday night match races. We lined the fence when the big names came to town. In the darkness of the country side, you could also catch those heros of the local short tracks, guys who never learned the meaning of the word “fear”. The magazines kept everyone fed with stories about offy’s at indy, supercharged Chrysler Hemi’s on the quarter mile, tri-power setups on Woodward Avenue, and lots of chrome, everywhere across the country.

Our company supports the current generation of performers, as well.  We know that the racers, import tuners, and hot rodders of today, will pass the hobby and sport on to yet another generation, waiting to learn the game, in the years ahead.

Thanks for taking time to visit here with us. We look forward to supporting your efforts, with a variety of products, suited to your needs.



Our In House GT-2 Road Race Car

Our In House GT-1 Road Race Car

Our In House Short Track Stock Car