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Wilwood 570 Brake Fluid

Wilwood 570 Brake Fluid WIL290-0632
Price: $16.95
Item Number: WIL-290-0632
Manufacturer: Wilwood
Manufacturer Part No: WIL-290-0632
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Wilwood Brake fluid has a dry boiling point of 570°F, over 150° higher than DOT 3 requirements, and over 100° higher than DOT 4 standards. Lubricates and cleans brake system’s internal parts. Low viscosity makes bleeding brakes an easy operation. Eliminates aeration of brake fluid (foaming from excessive pumping of the pedal). Sold in hermetically sealed 12-oz. containers to prevent unwanted moisture absorption.

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2014 & 2015 SCCA Central Division GT-2 Points Leader