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Vintage Indy Roadster Race Car-Custom Build By Bob Crane SOLD SOLD SOLD

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This is an orginal creation of a 1960's indy roadster by noted artist Bob Crane.  All parts with the exception of the tires are hand made of either aluminum, or brass. The actual body of the car is crafted from wood, and then soaked in a special resin, to give it a rock hard finish.  The final creation is then painted with epoxy paint, and decorated with custom made graphics.   The car measures approximately 19" long, by 7" wide, by 5" high.  We have toured automotive art galleries from Auburn, to Pebble Beach.  This work of art is a world class creation, worthy of display in the finest galleries anywhere.  It is truely a stunning car, and will serve to be the center piece of any indy 500 or racing collection.  The indy roadster era is gone forever, but the cars will always be remembered for those who drove them, and the distintive sound that screamed from the exhaust pipe of those offy motors.  The artist no longer builds these cars, and it will be supplied with a certificate that he has signed.  The car has been signed, as well. 

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