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Oldies The Beach Boys Greatest Car Songs CD

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When it was all going out back in the 60's out in California, these guys saw it, lived it, and wrote songs about it.   We still get a shiver in what's left of the old spine, every time someone cranks up "Little Deuce Coupe", or "409".  Detroit may have made the machines, but the songs are what will make them live forever.  Probably the one CD for a true hot rodder to be stranded on a desert island with.
  • 1.I Get Around
  • 2.Little Deuce Coupe
  • 3.Shut Down
  • 4.Fun, Fun, Fun
  • 5.This Car of Mine
  • 6.Help Me Rhonda
  • 7.409
  • 8.Drive In
  • 9.Then I Kissed Her
  • 10.Little Honda
  • 11.Custom Machine
  • 12.Spirit of America

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