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Oldies Steve Earle Copperhead Road CD

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The title cut "Copperhead Road will fool you with how it starts out.  This is one of the most hard driving car songs ever written, with a drum beat that will blow you away.  "Headed down to Knoxville with a weekend load, you could smell the whiskey burnin down on Copperhead Road".  The serious students of stock car racing know that it all started with good ol boys runnin shine on the back roads.  Hard fighting and hard drinking, Bill France organized them, and figured out how to make money on Sunday afternoon.  Junior Johnson did time in a federal pen, and received a full pardon, from president Ronald Regan.  Maybe it was all a little bit better back then, when there were less rules.
  • 1.Copperhead Road
  • 2.Snake Oil
  • 3.Back To The Wall
  • 4.Devil's Right Hand
  • 5.Johnny Come Lately
  • 6.Even When I'm Blue
  • 7.You Belong To Me
  • 8.Waiting On You
  • 9.Once You Love
  • 10.Nothing But A Child

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