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NASCAR Presents Fastest Finishes & Dominators DVD

MSRP: $14.95
Price: $9.95
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Manufacturer: Millcreek Entertainment
Manufacturer Part No: 8390450746
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Barney, here is three hours of tires screamin, fender bendin, high revin, stock car action.  Don't be bored all winter, get some stock cars goin on the tube, and break open a twelve pack.  That will be just enough beer to watch this three hour DVD, packed with all the great NASCAR drivers.  Who you say????  Well, how about guys like Walace, Elliott, Petty, Walthrip, Pearson, Yarborough, Flock, Gordon, and Earnhardt, just to name a few.  There's 36 minutes of the Greatest NASCAR Finishes, and 37 minutes of the Greatest NASCAR Dominators. There's 51 minutes of the 2007 Daytona 500 (no asphalt repairs either), and 50 minutes of the 2003 Carolina Dodge Dealers 400.  Vern, you won't even want to leave the room long enough to let the dog out, when this baby breaths to life inside your talkin box.  Better keep a milk bottle handy for your self, as well.  And hey, if you act now, we will throw in a brand new, never been sweated in, racing hat (our choice).  Can you spell FREE, brother????  And, we promise there will not be all the endless, stupid commericals, like you have to contend with, on Sunday afternoons.  So get up and place yer order, fer ther gone, gone, gone!!!!

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