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Hot Rod Rockabilly CD

Hot Rod Rockabilly Music CD
Hot Rod Rockabilly Music CDHot Rod Rockabilly Song List
Price: $14.95
Item Number: HRR-001
Manufacturer Part No: HRR-001
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"Fast Cars, Loose Women, and Rockin Sounds".  What more else is there to life, really now?  When rock meets hillybilly, out  comes rockabilly.  Here is an awesome collection of twanggy, bass heavy car music, that will make any stray cat jump for joy.  Features songs by Roy Orbison, Gene Vincent, and Carl Perkins, to name just a few.  When the rubber hits the road, make sure they can hear you coming.  Limited supply on this one.

Two CD Song List:

1st CD
1: Draggin' Curtis Gordon
2: Hot Rod The Berry Brothers
3: Brand New Cadillac Vince Taylor
4: Pink Thunderbird Gene Vincent
5: Rag Roof Roadster Jim Foster & The Kountry Kut-Ups
6: Hot Rod Boogie Jack Kitchen & The Rock-A-Billies
7: Go! Go! Go! Roy Orbison
8: Drag Strip Baby Johnny Roane
9: Cadillac Baby Bill Sherell
10: My Pink Cadillac Hall Willis
11: Ford And Shaker James Gallagher
12: Take A Ride With Me Johnny Redd
13: This Old Bomb Of Mine Jim's Caravan Flaherty
14: Parkin' Lot Jim Mccrory
15: '55 Chevy Hoyt Stevens
16: Big Green Car Jimmy Carroll
17: Fancy Dan Gene Summer
18: Big Wheel Walt Benton & The Snappers
19: Flat Tyre Bobby Johnston
20: Burning The Wind Billy Wallace
2nd CD
1: Hot Rod The Stripes
2: Scramble Jimmy Stevens
3: Uranium Rock Warren Smith
4: Speed Crazy Slick Slavin
5: Pink Cadillac Sammy Masters
6: Long Grey Highway Frank Thayer
7: Pop, Let Me Have The Car Carl Parkins
8: Stick Shift The Duals
9: Race With The Devil Gene Vincent
10: Going Down That Road Ersel Hickey
11: Hot Rod Baby Rocky Davis
12: Black Cadillac Joyce Green
13: Dig That Ford Doug Harden  
14: Hot Rod Race Red Foley  
15: Ride On Josephine Sleepy Labeef  
16: Hot Rodder's Dream Ray Burden  
17: Rocky Road Blues Col Joye & The Joy Boys  
18: Hot Rod Boogie Howard W Brady  
19: Rocking On The Dragstrip Johnny Lane  
20: Shot Rod Conny & The Bellhops  

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