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Fleetwood 1963 Grand Prix Of The United States

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Item Number: FS-4013
Manufacturer Part No: FS-4013
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These record albums were orginally released in the 1960 and 1970 time frame.  Today, they are highly sought after collectibles, and bring prices of $100.00, or more.  We have the orginals, remastered digitally, and nicely packaged in a easy to handle CD.  Nothing sounds better than a high reving racing motor, and these amazing recording will get your blood boiling, and your heart pounding.  Very cool gift for any hot rodder, racer, or true motor head.  Start the morning drive with one, and see how much better the rest of the day goes.  Beeeeeeeee, Therrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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2014 & 2015 SCCA Central Division GT-2 Points Leader