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Crower SB Chevrolet Lifters Full Body Roller Rocker Set

Crower SB Chevrolet Roller Rocker Set 66200-16
Price: From $479.95 to $599.95
Manufacturer: Crower
Manufacturer Part No: 66200-16

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Crower Lifter, Full Body, Mechanical Roller, 0.842 in OD, Link Bar, Small Block Chevy, Set of 16.

Not available in offset design.

Product Note:
Standard, or "HIPPO" design (Hi-Pressure Pin Oiler), with .024 orifice, to direct oil to the needle bearings.
Please specify type required, when ordering.

Crower produces camshafts, crankshafts, connecting rods, and valve train components for a wide range of racing and performance applications, from the dragstrip to off-road. With a variety of options and materials, Crower is likely to have a solution to fit your particular need.

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